Our Company

The word “Opis” comes from the Greek language. It means to care or caring.

Opis is a leader in post-acute services in the state of Florida. Since its inception in 2003 it set out to craft a clear Mission that addresses the core values that make this organization unique. Those values include dignity, respect, ethics and highest standards of care and service. These values have been built into its operating systems to synchronize their approach to the post-acute continuum.

At Opis we have a vision of revolutionizing the long term care profession. To accomplish this vision Opis does not wait for change, we embrace it and make it happen. Using the Vision, Mission and Strategic plan as our roadmap we are meeting the needs and expectations of those seeking these services

Opis a Greek word that means “to care” serves as a daily reminder of our priorities and unwavering commitment to our Mission. Opis has grown to include ten skilled nursing centers, assisted living center, rehabilitation service, advanced practitioner services, and community based services. 

Opis is dedicated to foremost to its customers, families and team members and continue to demonstrate its commitment to the highest standards for all those we serve.