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Bayview Center

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About Us

Mission Statement

"Opis Management Resources is dedicated to the highest standards of care for all those we serve – our customers, their families and each other".

By listening to our customers, our caring and compassionate team members are continuously improving operations and creating a warm, respectful, dignified, ethical and safe environment for the elderly we serve.

One benefit of using the customer concept is that it better describes the relationships we seek to promote between ourselves and those who turn to us for care. We believe that we should treat and talk to all our customers in the exact same way we would want to be treated when dealing with an organization that provides services to us.

The Meaning of “Customer”
We refer to our residents as customers...  it is up to us to meet their expectations–
not just for clinical care, but as  individuals.

Opis Centers are dedicated to listening to elders and their family members in an effort to best meet their needs. We believe that the word “resident”, while traditionally used by providers in our profession, has a passive quality to it that may under-emphasize our responsibility to react in a positive way to those requests. The word “customer”, on the other hand, requires us to be attentive to the people we serve. And that, after all, is what our commitment and our service to our customers is all about.

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